Niuhao has written a glorious history, and the year of the tiger has added splendid pictures.

The Year of the Tiger has just begun, and Realy Tech's new crown antigen products have successively obtained two heavyweight certificates of the Australian TGA self-test and the EU CE self-test within one month. This means that our self-tested COVID-19 antigen products are eligible to be sold in Australia, EU countries and countries that recognize EU CE certification. It demonstrates the R&D strength of Realy Tech and the ability to update products iteratively.


Realy Tech's new coronavirus antigen self-test products can be operated by individuals who collect anterior nasal swab samples by themselves, Can have Quick results in 10-20 minutes,It is convenient for individuals and families to conduct auxiliary diagnosis of new coronavirus infectious diseases for suspected patients who have symptoms within 7 days, Can etter meet the needs of home testing and prevention of epidemics in various countries.

To support the global new crown prevention and control cause, Hangzhou Realy Tech Limited company has been in action.


Post time:Mar-08-2022