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A rapid test for the quantitative assessment of ferritin in human serum, plasma, whole blood. For Professional In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only.

Ferritin Rapid Test Device (Colloidal Gold) is an in vitro diagnostic test for quantitative detection of concentration of Ferritin in human serum, plasma and whole blood. Applying immune chromatography assay and corollary used with RL-A2000 Portable Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer, mainly used for the auxiliary diagnostic.

Ferritin Rapid Test Device (Colloidal Gold) is a sandwich immunoassay. when test, samples of Fer antigen and Fer antibody on the conjugate first occur immune reaction, form immune complex. Immune complex flow as the sample in the nitrocellulose membrane, And react with the in advance coating Fer antibodies, then be fixed. The more Fer in the blood, the more compound exit in the test line, optical density in the test line will be higher accordingly. Meantime, in the test process, internal control Combination will also chromatography along with the sample in the nitrocellulose membrane, react with the coated antibody, then fixed. When sample does not include Fer or Fer concentration 12ng/mL, while showed Control line only. When Fer concentration ≥12ng/ml, Test line will be showed clearly. After the reaction, RL-A2000 portable quantitative immunoassay analyzer will analyse the optical density in control line and test line, calculating the test result, then get the relative optical density value. Final, Detector begin to calculate and display the results of Fer concentration based on the standard curve that up front set in the detector, showed in ng/mL.

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